Roger in Washington DC

Consultant / Writer / Editor / Researcher

The KestrelMan website is named after the kestrel, which is to be found on both moors and heaths, where the birds hover and then swoop on prey, mostly small mammals. Roger loves walking in the countryside, and believes his beady eye enables him to focus easily on the meat of a thorny issue.

As a commodities business journalist, Roger often took a broad perspective to ensure a full appreciation of the underlying economic and environmental land, and thus able to pounce on the essence of a story.

In recent years, this has led to a broader belief in the political economy of “degrowth,” or Roger’s alternative: V or Variable growth. V-growth is a form of degrowth, which distinguishes between industrial sectors for environmental and social reasons. Hence V-growth would separate out those parts of the economy that should grow from industries which should be managed for immediate decline and that for now can just tick along.